Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well, I've passed a long time away from here, because I was in a month full of tests and I couldn't give it the attention it needs.
So, I have to ask for sorry for you and tell that now, I'll post more frequently, when I have inspiration of course.
So, today, I have something to complain about. Facebookson.
Here, in Brazil, the journals said: FACEBOOKSON HAS BORN!
I read this shit and tought: WTF?!
I had to read the article, of course, and then the deception came.
Dear God, two people, Brazilian ones, they met on facebook, and got married. And now they had a son, and wanted to honor this history... how? Calling the child FACEBOOK. Yeah, facebook.
They went to a couple registries, because they wanted let them giving the child that name, because here, people can't give foreign names to their babies. So which was the solution? Just put a "son" in the end.
And now I ask you, how will the child feel when he discover that there's a social network with his name, I mean, that HE has a social network name. Poor child.
And then, what will his parents talk to him when the bullying starts at school? He'll say the kids laugh about his name but their parents did it. haha

Really, what do you guys think about it?