Monday, August 29, 2011

Raaainy Days

After some days away from everything what envolves this blog, I came back. And have to ask for sorry for this time and because I haven´t commented in your blogs.
But I´m here to talk about the rainy days that are really pissing me off.
I like the rain, I really do, but it´s nice some days in the month, some days that you just want to be at home, some days that you just want to say it´s because of the rain.
But seriously, it starts to fuck up with your life when nothing in the world could hold you home, JUST the rain, and so it comes.
Damn, I guest we passed almost an entire week having to live with it. No matter what you had to do, you´ll do it wet.
If you wanted to go out, you´d arrive to anywhere wet, always. And no, there wasn´t an umbrella that could help you. Any umbrella in the whole world have the size you need to go out in that rain, you have to go out your garage into the car and go out of your car into the place you have to go.
You know what´s worse? When you just go out and it´s not rainning, and the day is kinda ok, but suddenly, when you decide to come back home walking, it raaains. And you have to walk, walk and walk in the rain. It reeeally sucks.
And what about when you wake up early? when you have to go study? and it´s something like 6a.m.? Seriously, there´s nothing what can take me away from my bed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hey you guys. I may say I missed you all and posting, but theres nothing I can do.
But I got happy when I came back and saw all your comments.

So, yesterday I went to a party with the guys from the Football team of my boyfriend. The Santa Maria Soldiers.
It was not a real party... One of the guys made a video and he wanted to show it to us all, the boys and his girlfriends, so we had some barbecue and drinks to make it better.
The video was really awesome. And I have to say that almost all of us felt really excited while we were watching it. And that's why I'm going to write about the sport.

I have to say I'm a huge fan of the sport. I started watching the games after I started my relationship with Giovanni. So. like him I'm a San Diego Chargers fan. And I'm really excited with the games that started last week. Unfortunately they lost the first game, against the Seahawks. But that's okay, because they were playing with it's third team, and not with the official one. LOL

But seriously I can't wait for the next ones, and all the plays and historical pictures that are taken, like Cromartie one, when he'd made an impossible interception for us, the normal people. I was going to post this pic, but he's not at the team anymore, but you can take a look if you want. It's really nice. And I hope we'll be the champions of the Super Bowl. \o/
Someday I'll post some picture of me with my bf shoulder pad and helmet. hahaha

Well that's it. And have a nice week you all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Clockwork Orange

I think the tip made everything so easy.
I'll talk about a book that I appreciate so much. A Clockwork Orange.
When you get the book to read, it start sounding strange, because it looks to has his own language (and more you read more you have sure about it). But still you read it, because after you start you can't stop.
The story is as weird as the words we can find during we're reading, but it involves us, because we'll always want to know what'll happen to Alex, the protagonist of the book and his friends, that are always involved in some shit around the city.

The book also has a movie, which has the same name and that the actors are perfect giving life to the book. But I may tell you it's not THAT good if you compare to the book. But you know, it'll never exist a movie which will be better than its book. Never, maybe because when we're reading we can create the scenes perfectly and has an idea about how it must be. And then, when you watch the movie and it's not like you thought, it doesn't looks that good.
Anyway, I watched and I think it's a pretty nice movie. But I prefer the idea I created while I was reading. haha If you haven't ever read this book. I recommend you to watch the movie first and then read it. *----*
Thanks for all the comments and keep reading. I'll try to make new posts as soon as I can.
Have a nice weekend.


Does anyone knows what's my next post subject?
Here's a tip for you guys.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So, I haven't posted anything in these last days because my vacations are over. So I don't have too much time now and also I'm moving and have less time to post and be online.
But I wanted to share with you something that every month makes me one of the happiest women in the world. My perfect, fuck awesome, handsome, hot and delicious boyfriend. Today we're completing a year and a month. ♥
So I thought I could talk about it today, because it's something I can do really well, better than talk about any other thing I like, 'cause he's better than any of the other stuff.
Maybe I'll tell someday about how we met, because it's really nice our first meeting. C:

I guess that's it for today. I'll try to post everyday, but if I don't, at least you'll know why.
Hope you all have a nice week and see you soon.
My perfect man ♥~