Sunday, July 24, 2011

Copy of a copy of a copy!

With insomnia nothing is real.
Everything  is far away.
Everything is a copy
of a copy
of a copy!

What can people say about this movie? FIGHT CLUB IS JUST FREAKINGAWESOME!!
JUST it!

And seriously, who haven't ever seen. You can't die before you do it. You MUST see it.


Sinclair said...

That's a cool pic of Edward Norton. I haven't seen that one before.

Batow said...

...of a copy! awesome movie :) great blog. keep posting

Desk said...


Jammer said...

excellent movie

Equalz said...

damn i love that picture, really cool vector work.
and to anyone who hasn't seen this movie, make a day to watch it about 4 times. its amazing

Philloz said...

FIIIIGHHHT CLUB!!! Ugh I love this movie so much haha!

GMSoccerPicks said...

Thats one of my favorite movies along with Snatch. I guess i wasnt too hard to convince hahaha