Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well, I've passed a long time away from here, because I was in a month full of tests and I couldn't give it the attention it needs.
So, I have to ask for sorry for you and tell that now, I'll post more frequently, when I have inspiration of course.
So, today, I have something to complain about. Facebookson.
Here, in Brazil, the journals said: FACEBOOKSON HAS BORN!
I read this shit and tought: WTF?!
I had to read the article, of course, and then the deception came.
Dear God, two people, Brazilian ones, they met on facebook, and got married. And now they had a son, and wanted to honor this history... how? Calling the child FACEBOOK. Yeah, facebook.
They went to a couple registries, because they wanted let them giving the child that name, because here, people can't give foreign names to their babies. So which was the solution? Just put a "son" in the end.
And now I ask you, how will the child feel when he discover that there's a social network with his name, I mean, that HE has a social network name. Poor child.
And then, what will his parents talk to him when the bullying starts at school? He'll say the kids laugh about his name but their parents did it. haha

Really, what do you guys think about it?

Monday, September 19, 2011


This post, won't be about an specific movie. But about the many one I have seen in the last months.
One of my favorite hobbies is watch movies, any one. The trash ones, the drama ones, comedy, action, suspense, terror, documentaries, anything.
I have watched so many movies, and so many awesome and not that good stuff that I don't know what to watch anymore.
So I'm writing this post to ask you some suggestions of movies or anything what you think it's good.
Here are some of the movies I have watched and liked:
Alice in Wonderland (again)
Paranormal Activity 2
Friday Night Lights the movie
Zeitgeist - the movie
Fareheight - 9/11
By now, this are the ones I remember. So I wish you give me some good  suggestions.
Thanks for all the comments and have a nice week, folks.
Kisses and clicks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sex Day

As @cheshire asked, today I'll talk about "the sex day". Well, I can say I'm a huge fan of the practice (haha).
So, what can I say about this subject? :B
First of all, I don't know if it's necessary to have a sex day in the calendar, because any day of mine and your life can be the sex day. And doesn't really matter if it's a "all day long having sex" or a "quickie", it just have to be well done.
I guess the sex day is just there for those who can't have sex and everyone know they don't, but they still try to look a fucker, and then, when the 09/06 arrives (6/9 in Brazil haha) the flood our timelines saying they'll celebrate the day, and that they'll go out and don't know when will they come back. And when they come, the first thing what its posted is "don't even ask me what I've done yesterday, because I don't even can remember!" OF COURSE they don't remember, uh?
I have a lot of nerd-geek friends, but that when the 6/9 comes, they are the biggest fuckers int he world. hahaha

By the way, it's a nice way, when you're into a relationship for some time, to do something different, to innovate something that you probably have done by the same way a lot of times.
It's a day that both in the relation can bring something new, and it can be new positions, toys, places, costumes :~ Anything.
But you can let to do this new stuff only in the sex day, because there's too much stuff you probably haven't tried yet.
So, even the sex day already has gone, I wish you still have your fuck awesome sex days.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


No I won´t talk about the sex day, just about something that can fuck with the days of some people.haha
Last week my bf received his notebook. It´s a XPS 15 L502x, one of the best notebook in the hole world.
The first day everything was ok, but in the second, WTF THE MONITOR IS COMPLETELY BLUE.
And there was nothing we could do with this, because it just kept blue and was friday night, and we could just try to solve this on Monday. Ok, just a monitor...
ALLRIGHT, then the HD wasn´t working. He had something like 50Mb LOL
And couldn´t find the HD into his computer. haha
We tried to format it. And the HD problem was ok, but the monitor was still blue. /:
We think something could happen when it was coming. The carrier should beat it in somewhere and cause this shit to the monitor, idk.
No we are trying to talk to Dell, but there no one who can help us. Everyone is  busy and can´t give us a little time.
The only damn thing that could be really nice is if they just send him a new computer and forget to get this one back, what happened to a friend´s brother. hahah
Does any of you guys have ever a problem like this? And if you do, share with us. :3

Monday, September 5, 2011

How We Met

So, as I told you in another post, I´ll tell you about how I met my awesome boyfriend. <3
First of all I have to say both of us kinda don´t believe in destiny, but we can´t say what happened to us is not something like that.
Well, it was a saturday, three days after I completed my majority and could do and go wherever I wanted (what doesn´t mean I´ve never did before, haha).
So, there was a guy, we were close friends and sometimes, something like 3~4 days a month we used to meet and stay, this during a couple months. And he was kinda falling for me. So he invited me to go to the movie, to "celebrate" my birthday and for him to ask me something (what would it be, uh? ask me to become his gf, I knew). We were going to go to the movie at 7 p.m. Everything was ok.
But in that noon, some friends of mine decided to go to another friend´s house to drink something because they had a barbecue to go at night, the same hour I had to go to the movie. And I went to my friend´s house, with all the other guys, and we had such a nice time in there. But when the time I had to go to the movie was comming, everybody started to tell me: "Oh, come on, you don´t like him. You´ll not even accept to be his gf." (and I really weren´t) "Come with us. Or will you choose him and not ALL of us, that you like for real?" , "There´s just movie and popcorn, we´ll have barbecue and alcohol", and after this sentence, I just could say "ALL RIGHT, I´LL GO WITH YOU FOLKS!"
And I went.
Not too much time after I arrived to my other friend´s house (so many friends haha), Giovanni (that I´ve never seen before) arrived, kinda pissed off, but still beautiful.
Where did he came from? His girlfriend´s -- I mean, EX gf´s -- house. LOOOOL
To make it short:
Not even 30 minutes after he had break up with her, I called him to a dark room and kissed him. *--*
And since that day, we´re together and extremely fucking happy. <3
One year and 2 months.
I really really really really love him. And I wanted to share with you all my happiness, and say to the single ones that you don´t need to look for your love, it just come. :D

That´s all folks, have a nice week and have fun. :3

Monday, August 29, 2011

Raaainy Days

After some days away from everything what envolves this blog, I came back. And have to ask for sorry for this time and because I haven´t commented in your blogs.
But I´m here to talk about the rainy days that are really pissing me off.
I like the rain, I really do, but it´s nice some days in the month, some days that you just want to be at home, some days that you just want to say it´s because of the rain.
But seriously, it starts to fuck up with your life when nothing in the world could hold you home, JUST the rain, and so it comes.
Damn, I guest we passed almost an entire week having to live with it. No matter what you had to do, you´ll do it wet.
If you wanted to go out, you´d arrive to anywhere wet, always. And no, there wasn´t an umbrella that could help you. Any umbrella in the whole world have the size you need to go out in that rain, you have to go out your garage into the car and go out of your car into the place you have to go.
You know what´s worse? When you just go out and it´s not rainning, and the day is kinda ok, but suddenly, when you decide to come back home walking, it raaains. And you have to walk, walk and walk in the rain. It reeeally sucks.
And what about when you wake up early? when you have to go study? and it´s something like 6a.m.? Seriously, there´s nothing what can take me away from my bed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hey you guys. I may say I missed you all and posting, but theres nothing I can do.
But I got happy when I came back and saw all your comments.

So, yesterday I went to a party with the guys from the Football team of my boyfriend. The Santa Maria Soldiers.
It was not a real party... One of the guys made a video and he wanted to show it to us all, the boys and his girlfriends, so we had some barbecue and drinks to make it better.
The video was really awesome. And I have to say that almost all of us felt really excited while we were watching it. And that's why I'm going to write about the sport.

I have to say I'm a huge fan of the sport. I started watching the games after I started my relationship with Giovanni. So. like him I'm a San Diego Chargers fan. And I'm really excited with the games that started last week. Unfortunately they lost the first game, against the Seahawks. But that's okay, because they were playing with it's third team, and not with the official one. LOL

But seriously I can't wait for the next ones, and all the plays and historical pictures that are taken, like Cromartie one, when he'd made an impossible interception for us, the normal people. I was going to post this pic, but he's not at the team anymore, but you can take a look if you want. It's really nice. And I hope we'll be the champions of the Super Bowl. \o/
Someday I'll post some picture of me with my bf shoulder pad and helmet. hahaha

Well that's it. And have a nice week you all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Clockwork Orange

I think the tip made everything so easy.
I'll talk about a book that I appreciate so much. A Clockwork Orange.
When you get the book to read, it start sounding strange, because it looks to has his own language (and more you read more you have sure about it). But still you read it, because after you start you can't stop.
The story is as weird as the words we can find during we're reading, but it involves us, because we'll always want to know what'll happen to Alex, the protagonist of the book and his friends, that are always involved in some shit around the city.

The book also has a movie, which has the same name and that the actors are perfect giving life to the book. But I may tell you it's not THAT good if you compare to the book. But you know, it'll never exist a movie which will be better than its book. Never, maybe because when we're reading we can create the scenes perfectly and has an idea about how it must be. And then, when you watch the movie and it's not like you thought, it doesn't looks that good.
Anyway, I watched and I think it's a pretty nice movie. But I prefer the idea I created while I was reading. haha If you haven't ever read this book. I recommend you to watch the movie first and then read it. *----*
Thanks for all the comments and keep reading. I'll try to make new posts as soon as I can.
Have a nice weekend.


Does anyone knows what's my next post subject?
Here's a tip for you guys.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So, I haven't posted anything in these last days because my vacations are over. So I don't have too much time now and also I'm moving and have less time to post and be online.
But I wanted to share with you something that every month makes me one of the happiest women in the world. My perfect, fuck awesome, handsome, hot and delicious boyfriend. Today we're completing a year and a month. ♥
So I thought I could talk about it today, because it's something I can do really well, better than talk about any other thing I like, 'cause he's better than any of the other stuff.
Maybe I'll tell someday about how we met, because it's really nice our first meeting. C:

I guess that's it for today. I'll try to post everyday, but if I don't, at least you'll know why.
Hope you all have a nice week and see you soon.
My perfect man ♥~

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pulp Fiction

Well, now I'll talk about another one of my favorites movies. Pulp Fiction!
The movie's amazing. Not just because of its cast (of course it makes too  much difference to the movie, because there's John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman,Bruce Willis, Tim Roth and so many other fucking awesome actors), but for its story.
In the beginning of the movie things looks strange, and it doesn't make too much sense, because the movie has separated stories. But when they meet themselves it makes totally sense.

This is one of the why's you don't stop watching it, it holds you till the end.
The movie is kinda old, it's from '94, but I may tell you, I don't get tired of watching it once again.
It's another advice for you people to watch. You won't regret after you do this.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Band of Brothers

Now I bring to you another epic miniserie. Still about the World War II.
Band of Brothers!!
This one is SO MUCH BETTER than The Pacific (it doesn't mean the pacific isn't awesome, just saying this one's better).
This one tells the story of  the Easy Company, the paratroopers from the U.S., whom will jump in the D. DAY and fight for the Europe resumption.

Like The Pacific, this mineserie has the old mans too, telling their stories. But this one is much exciting than the other, because the mans cry remembering the days they passed in the battlefield.
It also shows when the first concentration camp was found. Full of jews dead and alive (not that alive).
So I just can say. WATCH IT!
Seriously guys, even the one who doesn't like the WWII, you should watch this serie. It's one of the best series I've ever seen.

There's the trailer, for those who wants to see it.
Have a nice time watching it and them tell me what you thought about.

Sorry about these ones who doesn't like this subject, but the most comments were positive, so I wanted to write about this again.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Pacific

Today I'll talk about a miniserie called The Pacific. It's pretty awesome this one.It tells the story of the marines in the WWII. The miniserie shows them fighting against the Japaneses, and answer to the  Pearl Harbor attack.

It also has the old mans who fought in that war. They tell their stories and the miniserie represent it. So it's three old man, talking during it, about their feelings, the fight, their needs... Everything.
For those who likes stuff about wars, like me, I recommend you to watch it. Then I'll make other post, or others, about this same subject, if this one go well and you like.
There's the trailer of it. But seriously, the trailer show almost nothing if compared to the complete serie.

PS: Thanks to all of you who comment and support me with this blog. I really appreciate your help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old Times, Good Times II

I remember when I was a little girl, and I wanted to meet all the UFO's I have ever seen on TV.
And I wanted to fly with all them on my bike. haha
And I wanted to be Darth Vader daughter. Dunno why, but I thought he could be the most powerful father of the world. LOL

I was remembering it while I was watching an episode of Invader Zim, one of my favorite cartoons. Recommend to you, to watch it.

Gaz, she so much of me. haha                                              And Giiiir, the little Robot. He's fucking funny.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


By now, this is my only and first one.
But there'll come so many more, i guess.
I love tattoos and the next I want to do is a penguin (lol I love penguins) and then some related to Alice in Wonderland, because I really like that movie.
And then and owl, another animal I love, dunno why, maybe because of their eyes. haha

So, if you have any or pretend to do any tattoo, just comment about it.
And thanks for all the comments and followings, I really appreciate.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Must hear it

Here's one of the funniest man who makes songs about random stuff. Jon Lajoie!
This one he sang to a little girl in her birthday, and there was her parents, friends, and family. And that's why it's so funny. There's another version, the one who shows he singing it at the party. You have to see her parents reaction while he sings. HAHAHA
And I prefer this version than the stork one. LOL

Enjoy it.


Well, I'll talk a little about one of my favorite books, Sandman.
First of all, it's a comic book that is about the seven sins, that are interpreted by people.
And the most impressive is that everything what happens at the book, stuff about the life of the other people who make part of it, happens to us.
And you start to see somethings what happens to you and to think about the sins, about what they do and how they act on you.

The book is, if not the first, on my top 3 and I think you certainly should read it.
It has 13 volumes, and you can't stop reading. You won't let you do it, before you start.


Go away

Some of the places I would love to go and waste some of my time.
I pretend to visit all those and so much more.

Any other place you want to suggest?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Copy of a copy of a copy!

With insomnia nothing is real.
Everything  is far away.
Everything is a copy
of a copy
of a copy!

What can people say about this movie? FIGHT CLUB IS JUST FREAKINGAWESOME!!
JUST it!

And seriously, who haven't ever seen. You can't die before you do it. You MUST see it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last One

And what about you hear something like this and not even give a shit?
Not just once it happened to me, and some of these time I have said "Fuck off".

And so, that was our last words. Sad.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Times, Good Times

Do you remember when you were a kid and the only thing you were supposed to care about it was the time you favorite cartoon were passing on TV?
Good times...
And now?
Must be studying, right? No, you just can't see them anymore, 'cause there's just some shit on TV.

"The kind of shit you get on your TV" ♪

-Comments are pretty welcome.